Retreats & Services

We encourage people all over the world to create their own retreats and bring people to engage themselves in a full transformational healing process. This is an opportunity for creating the activities you want to engage with your groups here in the Sacred Valley.

We can help you costumize your retreat by choosing the following services :



– Breakfast $5

– Lunch $10

– Dinner $10



Yoga  (Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow)

Price for student: $10

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Price for student: $10

 Vegetarian Cooking Class

Price for student: $ 10

Ancient Thai Massage

Price for session (2 hour treatment)  $60



Kinsa Cocha Lakes:  A spiritual pilgrimage to Paru- Paru  the highest community (4200m) in Pisaq, where we will engage ourselves in a round walk around the three lakes surrounded by beautiful mountains that hold a ideal space for meditation. An opportunity also to  meet the local people of the community and share with them local organic dishes and  see the most representative kinds of potatoes from over more than thousand varieties that are grown here in the Sacred Valley.

Price for passenger: $ 40 (minimum 2pax)

Intihuatana Ruins: An early hike along the river to the most important ceremonial center in Pisac and the Sacred Valley. A good opportunity to be fully immersed in nature and walk your way up to where the Incas used to live and hold their most important rites. A mild Yoga Practice available for those who want to establish a deeper connection to Pacha Mama (mother earth) and the Apus (mountain spirits) and a chance to make a coca leaf offering to the land that still holds the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Andean Rites.

Price for passenger: $ 40 (minimum 2pax)

Maras Moray

A round trip to Urubamba where we will head to Moray, an ancient agricultural and astronomical observatory, where we can walk through its concentric circle structure and feel the energy of each of the terraces on their different levels. Then heading towards Salineras in Maras, where we can look at this amazing salty rock formations with pools of hot salty water. Yoga in nature  and Pachamama offering available upon request.

Price for Passenger : $ 60 (minimum 2pax)